So stinking mad I could spit

  1. So mad tonight!  SO STINKING MAD.

    There is this CRNA. I do not like her. I do not. I do not. I do not.

    She tries to run the board, my board, all damned day when she is the head CRNA. This is not the way it is, I run the board, the cases and decide what goes where. She tries so hard to run the board and I have to run interference on her.

    Tonight she decided that the last case of a doctor who was 4 hours behind, needed to go into another room. To speed him up. She insisted that the case be moved to a room that had recently been vacated by a total joint case. There is a large difference between cleaning the total joint room and cleaning a regular room. And all of the instruments/set up supplies/equipment was in use in the room the surgeon was in. This was not going to speed up this doc. Sometimes there is no way to say no because she hammers, hammers away. And tells the surgeon I’m the bad guy for not letting his case go to another room.

    This was after she intimated that I wasn’t working hard enough because I wouldn’t do her bidding. Fucking excuse me?

    So I cleaned the room, washed the walls, mopped the floor twice.  And when the previous case was done I carted all the supplies/instruments/equipment to this new room and opened the case.

    And was still seething.

    Now I know that there is anger beyond profanity.

    And I’m pretty sure I scared some of my evening staff.

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