I’ve been at Magnet since Tuesday. It is Friday. I prepared to go to Magnet for a week. I will be recovering from being at Magnet for a week, running around doing all the things I didn’t do for 4 days. 

But, Magnet was worth it! 

Magnet is nurse engagement, it is nurse led, it is nurses teaching nurses, it is research studies, it is products that nurses make themselves that make their shift a little easier. At Magnet, we are all that nurse. The nurse who makes the department better, the nurse who works tirelessly so that the patients are well taken care of, the nurse who works with leadership to make changes to make the nurse’s lives and the patient’s lives better.

 Magnet is amazing.

Magnet is also tiring. I’m an evening shift nurse and I had to be up every day before 0600 in order to get my homework done and prep for the day. The time change helped. 

Magnet is also over. Sitting at the airport with my luggage because I’m ready to be home. 

For tomorrow is Saturday. The night of the Great 100 Gala. And I’m a great 100 nurse. It means that I am one of the top 100 nurses in NC. I’m over the moon about the honor.

But there is a lot of work to do between now and then. 

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