Cookie Thursday 4/27/23- lemon white chocolate cranberry cookies

It is the last week of Spring! has Sprung theme. I’ve been wanting to do a lemon cookie for a while now. And today is a good day for it.

It is overcast and rainy. Best kind of day to spread a little sunshine in cookie form.

As for me, I am struggling mightily with my final paper in theory class. My mom, who I remind you is also an OR nurse, tells me that OR nurses are too pragmatic and centered to be concerned with theory. Our world is not dissimilar to the “There is a fracture, I have to fix it” comic I wrote about months ago. There is a problem, do not fill my mind with things that can’t be seen or acted upon and that I cannot impact. No wonder I am having such trouble with theory. It is also not fun that I picked a very indefinable topic such as resilience. You see, I brought this on myself. Why? I am wondering that more with every class. I hope that the Fall semester, if I survive, will be kinder and less mind-bending. One of my three classes is quantitative research, something less abstract and more numbers based. Yeah, I’m hypocritical on numbers. Did you not see that coming?

Definitely in the mood and need sunshine cookies.

I used old reliable, the Toll House basic cookie. With a twist.

Instead of vanilla, I used lemon extract. And the juice of half a lemon. And I just had the flash of obvious that I am waiting for in my class, I should have used the zest of that lemon as well. It will just have to do.

Cookie Thursday is a Thing is all about experimentation, after all.

And I really want to do a study on the effect of free baked goods on morale and retention. The idea got shot down for my dissertation, but I can do it after. If there is an after.

I think I will name these the Sunshine Cookies.

Bright, buttery, lemony, with the sharp surprise of the dried cranberry.

Next time I will use dried blueberries. I bet that would be awesome.

And it would allow Cookie Thursday is a Thing to remain experimental. Even if it can’t be the subject of my dissertation.

Enough gloom, there is enough of it outside.

I’m going to have a cookie.

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