Shared Governance Reboot

Since last summer a large group of us, across the entire corporation, has been meeting virtually to reboot shared governance.

There has been so much volatility in the nursing workforce. This person left because of covid, that person left because traveling, those people left because of then required covid vaccinations.

The list goes on.

And then the hospitals started to poach from each other. Each offering more and more money. And more people left.

Some have returned, others have not. And we are filling out some units with travelers. Still.

I’ve been involved with shared governance since 2015. Before I started my education journey.

I’ve been involved on every level.

To simply put, shared governance is the information highway to the executive suite from the bedside. And vice versa.

I’ve been involved with some amazing things. I’ve led every single level available, bedside, hospital, regional, and corporate.

And covid hurt us a lot.

In more ways than one.

But there is a new corporate initiative to reboot shared governance. And remake it to something that is user-friendly, and includes every level of nursing. Including the medical office groups. They have been lacking, not to want of trying from us.

It was an honor to be on the committee for the reboot.

And we are nearly ready to roll out.

Just in time for nurses’ week 2023.

Who is gonna tell them that my hospital never stopped meeting? Or is that why there are several of us on the committee?

To speak truth to power is important.

And so is telling the emperor that he has no clothes on and not being afraid of reprisal.

I am still very much involved in shared governance as we rebuild.

I hope it works.

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