School Me Saturday 4/22/23-ask for help when needed

It is the end of the semester, or nearly. The last-minute scrambling to finish all the projects and papers and final exams will soon be upon us.

Deep breath.




It is going to be okay.

It is okay to ask for help. Sometimes sooner is better, but it is never too late to ask for help.

And the vast majority of schools have help aplenty.



Writing help.

And your instructor is only an email away.

Some things that I have found helpful in my various college experiences is to have a group of friends, not even in the same program as you, though that does help. I find it helpful to remember that we are not the first class in this program, and we won’t be the last. Every single problem has already been seen by the department and the instructors. It is their job to guide you.

Deep breath in again.

On this Saturday before the last week of school, I am going to be writing and reading, reading and writing for theory. I am going to finish the last assignments in the Informatics class that are due at the end of next week. I have already downloaded the Statistics final and I am letting that simmer.

I am also going to listen to my favorite pump it up song. Loudly. This is the song that has gotten me through every road race I’ve ever run, including the marathon. This is the song that has gotten me through every surgical case I’ve picked as the night call nurse. It never lets me down. Find yours.

Find yourself a song that makes you want to take on the world. And listen to it when you are feeling stressed.

It will help.

Ask for help when you need it.

Deep breath we will get through this.

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