Cookie Thursday 4/20/23-Carrot biscuits

Spring has sprung! theme continues.

And this recipe caught my eye.

Very basic. Self-rising flour, greek yogurt, shredded cheese, shredded carrots.

That’s it.

Little morsels of kinda cheesy flavor.

Zero carrot flavor, which is good because I abhor carrots.

I wish that the little biscuits tasted… more. Delicate, kind of bland, would make again.

I say would make again because this recipe is so easy.

The only thing that was fiddly was the rolling out of the dough but nothing horrible.

And, since it is a roll-out recipe, you can make the biscuits as big or as small as you want. I opted for a little quarter-sized star cut-out. Because I have a lot of people to feed.

I think this recipe is very adaptable, with the addition of salt for sure, or some kind of hot sauce.

I am definitely putting this into the adaptable toolbox.

What they really bring to mind are goldfish crackers. This could be a more economical recipe for knockoff goldfish crackers. That recipe is kind of spendy with butter and cheese. This one is just cheese that is more spendy.

And it hides the vegetable!

The next time I make the recipe, I will adapt it for pimiento cheese. I bet that would be good.

Or make the biscuit into a thumbprint.

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