School Me Saturday 4/8/23-April report

It is officially the last month of the Spring semester. And the April PhD report.

I did not fail my mid-semester project. As always, my writing saved me. Don’t get me wrong, I could have done better. But I did not fail.

And for a program that feels like it is reprogramming me every day, I count that as a win. I joke to my cohort that I think that Lee Majored should be a verb for what we are all going through. You know, the 6 million dollar man. Every class, every assignment we are being rebuilt. They have the technology. I know that this is growing pains and everyone must go through it but it can suck in the moment, you know.

As I wrote last week, the end of the semester is so close I can taste it, and freak out about the amount of work. All at the same time.

In my Informatics of Healthcare course, the end is swiftly approaching. There is a quiz that is due tomorrow. And a PowerPoint presentation due next Sunday on a topic that I chose back in January. I am creating an 8-page PowerPoint and/or an 8-minute presentation on the Art of Caring in a Technically Laden Environment. I mean, have they ever seen an OR; high tech is what we do. But, after the pandemic, and even before, all the hospital units are technically laden. Especially since the EHR era began with the HITECH Act. My presentation is about how nursing caring can still be done in such a high-tech environment. And then I have to respond to someone else’s presentation. And a final discussion round at the end of the month and I will be done with that class. I have found it very enjoyable and recommend it to others in my cohort when they are looking for an elective.

In the Statistical Interpretation class, there are two homework assignments and a final to go until the end. One of the homework assignments is due Tuesday at midnight. I understand what we are doing. I still have no math brain. I will be spending time revising (a British term that I adore, means studying) the contents of the entire semester in preparation for the final. Which is due on 4/30/23.

In Nursing Theory I have a presentation and a paper from the presentation, or vice versa, due on 4/28/23. I have to do a deep dive into a selected nursing theory that goes along with my phenomenon of interest for my dissertation. I have been reading books, and articles on the theory.

But my personal White Whale lately is my brain block on looking at my grades.

Yes, still.

I think I will set a deadline of Tuesday to look at the past Theory papers. And apparently use some of the feedback in the presentation and paper.

Lots to do.

And only ONE more in-person class for Theory and Statistics on 4/21. The others on 4/14 and 4/28 will be virtual.

I still show up at the university every Monday to be a research assistant and I am learning so much there too. Experience is a good teacher.

Don’t mind me I am just being re-built every class. They have the technology.

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