Cookie Thursday 4/6/23-S’mores cookies featuring Peeps!

The April theme for Cookie Thursday is a Thing is Spring has Sprung!

April is wonderful in North Carolina after you get past the pollening. It isn’t as cold, it is not yet humid and gross. The trees are budding out, the weeds have just started, and are not yet overwhelming. The birds are chirping.

Peeps have a checkered appreciation. People either love them or hate them.

I love them. I get gifted a LOT of Peeps.

Did you know you can microwave Peeps for 10 seconds and it turns amazingly caramelly? True story. Try it.

And everyone knows what goes into a s’more: graham cracker, chocolate, toasted marshmallow.

I’ve made s’more cookies before, adding marshmallows to a standard chocolate chip cookie. And when I was deciding the theme for April I decided to see if Peeps could be used instead of miniature marshmallows.

I took four strips of Peeps, 2 yellow, one pink, and one purple. I opened them and left them to dry out a bit. As I had never cut Peeps and I thought it would be best if they were a little stiffer.

In case you are wondering, the best way to cut up a Peep is by using a pizza cutter. Works great. I cut the Peeps into roughly the size of a miniature marshmallow and threw them into a standard chocolate chip cookie recipe.

The Peeps might melt a bit, but that just gives them more of a caramel taste.

Just like surgery isn’t every nurse’s passion, Peeps have their fans. It takes all types.

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