Monday Musing 3/20/23-WTAF! Apparently torturing the unborn is fun?

There has been a low-level murmuring and protest going on for as long as the US has been a country.

And it is about so-called “right to life”.

AKA, I know better than you what you need, you harlot that got pregnant. Never mind if you are married. That is a sacred baby and thou shalt not kill.

There are so many things wrong with this way of thinking.

Not every religion thinks the way you do. Or the way that you think your god thinks. Lowercase god, upper case God, there is more than one.

I maintain that this is about control. Control of women, control of the fetus in the womb that will not survive birth.

Instead, there is a push to make the woman carry the what will be dead baby to term, deliver what may not be an alive baby, watch helplessly as they die.

Or, as has happened in several states where this mockery of right to life is paramount, a pregnancy is dead, or dying, or will be dead, or die, and the woman is not SICK enough, or dead enough herself to warrant life-saving treatment.

Not to mention that this is costing the healthcare system more money and more resources to care for the dead and dying.

And for what?

A kudos from your god?

An expressway trip to your heaven?

While women and babies in utero suffer?

Where is the compassion?

Or don’t others get it until YOU or your loved ones are impacted?

And the kicker is that so many of those who oppose abortion are okay with the death penalty.

Make up your mind.

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