Sunday post-it 3/19/23-Certified Nurses’ Day

The Facebook memory from March 19, 2017 reads “Today is Certified Nurses Day.What does that mean? It means that these nurses went on to get specialized certification in the particular realm that they practice in. It also means that to keep the certification hundreds of hours of education has to be done.I have been certified for eight years. To keep my CNOR (certified nurse operating room), I have to complete 135 hours of CEUS every 5 years. My mom (Billie Schaberg) has been certified for years, and is a big part of the reason I am as well.I don’t get any extra per hour for being certified and I am lucky in that the hospital I work for will reimburse me for the hours and the recertification. But even if they didn’t I still would do it. Why become certified? Why not?”

Why not? This is a loaded two words.

Certification is important in the nursing world, just like in the real world.

It indicates commitment.

Not only to the profession, to the patients, but to themselves.

Is it hard to obtain certification?

No. There are some fiddly bits.

Like a test.

And I know how some people fear tests,

And, depending on where you work there may be an hourly bump, or a point on the clinical ladder, such as in my hospital system.

Hospitals are also interested in certified nurses. And some are doing their best to bring in test prep or paying for the test.

I know mine is.

Contact me if you want to learn more about certification, no matter the department that you work in. We can figure it out.

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