School Me Saturday 3/11/23-post mid-semester doldrums

Midterms were just a week or so ago. And your student got rewarded with Spring Break. Unlike the spring breaks of their childhood, this has nothing to do with Easter.

The run-up to midterm is exhausting. All the papers, all the readings, all the tests.

All the presentations.

Makes me tired to write about it and I just lived it.

And now that we’ve had our fun and a break, back to the grindstone of the semester.

Your student may or may not have been assigned homework on the break.

Your student may or may not have DONE their assigned homework on the break.

Sounds familiar, right? Just like high school.

Now that the excitement and rest of spring break has passed, your student may turn their eyes to their calendar and realize there will be a test almost immediately upon returning.

Now that the panic doing of homework has set in, or maybe passed, the mid-semester doldrums can move in.

Many assignments and tests and presentations before the end of the semester. Oh, boy.

And, for me at least, the ennui of having to face it all.

Your student may be blah.

And that is okay.

Just remind them that 8 weeks separate them from summer break.

And they have a lot of work to do.

Maybe they should start with opening their calendar and making a plan. Or, at least, reviewing for the test that is sure to hit after the break.

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