Cookie Thursday 3/9/23-Twix cookies

The impetus for this entire Blast from the Past theme was a Facebook post of a Twix cookie I made way back in the start of Cookie Thursday is a Thing. In February 2015.

To my recollection, I have not made them again since.

This is a multi-step cookie, which is probably why I’ve not made them since.

Bake the shortbread. Let cool.

Make the topping and top cookies. Let cool.

Melt the chocolate and top the topping. Let cool.

I just finished the chocolate layer and I’ve been baking since 0800. And it is not 1220.

A labor-intensive cookie.

I’m on spring break this week from university,

And minimal meetings.

Perfect day to dust off the recipe.

The original Facebook post says that I need to work on my chocolate game.

Still do.

But I realize that the cookie does not have to be perfect.

A fact that some surgeons I work with need to internalize.

I’ve been on many cases that the surgeon wanted to make “perfect”. Only to have the repair fall apart and need to be done again. At the expense of the patient having to remain under anesthesia for that much longer. At the expense of the OR schedule.

Here’s the thing. We are never going to be able to put the patient back together to factory standard. They will still have been broken, or their abdomen entered into, or their uterus cut to deliver a baby. There is no way to unHumpty Dumpty them.

Repairs don’t have to be perfect. They just have to be good enough to work.

And that is the lesson for today.

Is my chocolate enrobing perfect?

Nope. But the cookie still tastes amazing. Which is my goal.

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