Counting basics #5-added instruments

This is the 5th post about Counting Basics.


And, I mean rarely, there is a case that is completed without additional instruments being added.

These can be small: a forcep.

These can be bigger: a retractor.

These can even be bigger: an entire extra tray.

Sometimes a surgeon does not want to pause when an instrument set that they asked for is added.

But take the time when a new set is added to do the count.

Anytime something new is added to the field, it must be counted.



If the surgeon pushes back, inform them that this will save time in the end because the OR room will not need to take an x-ray because the count was not correct.

I mean, sometimes there is literally zero time to count additions.

That is a very rare case and most likely an emergency. This case we are doing of a lipoma removal is not that case.

Trust us, doc. It is better and safer if we take 30 seconds to count off an additional tray. Especially if the patient isn’t actively dying. Okay? Glad we had this talk, now suction something or bovie something to keep your hands active.

Any additional single instruments need to be added to the count sheet. Or multiple instruments.

Just let us get on with it. I will have your scrub tech back to you momentarily.

The count sheet will be Counting Basics 6.

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