Monday Musings 2/27/23- voting with my pocket book about conferences

Yes, the world is on fire.




Snow at the Hollywood Sign.

Unprovoked war justified in a megalomaniac’s mind as getting the old band back together. And by old band I mean the glory days of the empire. You know what I am referring to.

Governors and state governments deciding about women’s bodies.

Not a lot that I personally can do.

I can decrease my carbon footprint. We can be good stewards of our energy consumption and overall commodity consumption. No fast fashion, not that do fashion. Interacting with the neighborhood Buy Nothing group. Reuse, recycle, reduce.

What I do have power over is not participating monetarily in conferences in states that have been egregious about a women’s right to bodily autonomy, and hatred of what they don’t understand, including books.

I am looking at you Texas and Florida. I just won’t engage in conferences at either place. And what’s more I inform the groups holding the conferences why.

In detail.

This I have a small modicum of control over.

Will it do anything?

Probably not.

But I can tell people the reasons I have for not engaging in conferences in these states that do not value women. Admittedly this is made easier by attending the conferences virtually. That way the organization gets the money, not the states.

And maybe I will start something.

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