Cookie Thursday 1/5/22-chex mix

Yeah, I know. I did Chex Mix like a month ago.


Let me tell you about the theme for January 2023. This month’s theme is going to be leftovers. This is where I will take some ingredients from 2022, that I still have, and use them. Sometimes I will remake the entire recipe, sometimes it will be the almost exact same recipe, with a change.

This week’s make is Chex Mix. I have tweaked the liquid part of the recipe, what is poured on the cereal, and baked. Why? Because I had 4 boxes left over from December. Some of my coworkers were remarking that they had to make sure they took their water pill that evening. Because some people need to watch their sodium intake.

Hell, all the people need to watch their sodium intake.

And that means you.

Modern food is way too salty.


To make it taste good.

The same reason they put sugar in things you don’t think require sugar. Because it tastes better.

Restaurants do it too. They put butter, or what passes as butter, on everything.

I rarely add salt or seasoning salt or celery salt when I cook. Just ask my husband.

It is the one cook’s stand for healthyish eating.

We should all be a little kinder to our kidneys.

And our livers.

And our brains.

I am choosing to start small. With a change that I know I won’t even register.

But my kidneys will.

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