Yearly Disclaimer- redux

Every year I write this disclaimer. And add to it. And tweak it.

And if I knew how to pin it to the blog start page, I would.

I began writing the yearly disclaimer to be able to point to my posts and say, see nothing to give away the patient here. You know, HIPAA. In case the corporation, that I work for and discuss my blog openly in meetings etc., tries to tell me I cannot write this. Not that they have, but I can believe they would.

I believe in protecting patient’s and staff privacy.

I do not include details that make it clear or easy to figure out which patient or staff member I am talking about.

I do not use names.

And if I do, they are changed.

I change ages.

I change gender.

I change details such as which limb is fractured.

I change details such as which surgery is performed.

And the cases that I do talk about obliquely are changed in how time is perceived as well. The cases/people/staff may not be the same at the time of the surgery.

I definitely change aspects of time. By that I mean there is no relationship between the moment I write the post and the actual events that prompted it.

I change a lot.

So that, if you knew where I worked, you could not figure out who I am writing about.

I discuss issues that impact healthcare broadly.

And, after the events of the past year, issues that impact women’s health.

And covid. Can’t get away from covid.

I do swear sometimes.

But mainly to make an emphatic point.

Sorry, mom.

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