School Me Saturday 12/24/22- calendars

Odds are if you exchange gifts with people there is a calendar under your tree. Or wrapped. Or just handed to you.

The calendar is a very useful tool. For school, for work, for life. It all goes there.

I know that Google calendar exists, and the calendar on the iPhone, and I imagine a similar program on Android and Google phones.

And I do use my phone calendar to a certain extent.

And the one attached to my work email.

And the one attached to the school account.

But just like in Lord of the Rings and the One Ring, there must be a calendar to rule them all.

During my MSN program, I had two identical calendars that I used. One was for school, and one was for work. I tried the single calendar life and it never worked out, there was too much on every single day and I would find myself missing things. And I would invariably run out of room.

A couple of years ago I bought the Arc paper cutter from Staples. The Arc system is a notebook that you can add and rip out pages. Kind of like a binder. But cooler. And they stopped making the calendar inserts for the Arc system.

I have to improvise. I love that. I counted all the various calendars that I keep: work, school, house projects, blog posts, and exercise. I printed off a year’s worth of calendar pages that would fit into an Arc shell. And started organizing the things that I have to do.

I am gen x and having a physical copy of dates is important. Inputting all the different tasks into the online calendars is obnoxious and takes too long.

And now I have a custom for me calendar that I can flip through the tabs and see due dates and upcoming events.

Of course, I also have a dry-erase board mounted on the dining room wall, to highlight school assignment due dates.

This is a system that works for me. It may be trial and error but find a system that works for you. It will be different, but make it your own.

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