Cookie Thursday 12/22/22- cookie platter

As is her wont, my mother starts making Christmas cookies on the day after Thanksgiving. It is tradition after all.

And I go over to help on Saturdays and random Wednesdays.

And the output is 16 types of cookies, candies, and barks.

It is a labor of love as apparently our love language is feeding people. Kind of explains Cookie Thursday is a Thing in a nutshell, doesn’t it? Why else would I make weekly cookies, for YEARS!, except as a way to show my appreciation. I also bake them as a morale builder.

On Wednesday I went over and we made up different cookie platters. They are gifts for people: their landlords, neighbors, and three enormous platters for the OR where we both work. And a special one for my friend that has a jar of blueberry jam.

Recipes upon request.

I’m going to having pretzel bark as dessert for my lunch of Chex Mix.

Tis the season.

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