School Me Saturday 12/17/22-end of semester

Depending on the type of school a student goes through it is the end of the fall semester. Time for a break!

Final papers and final tests have been turned in or taken. And grades have been posted.

Graduation may be this weekend for others whose journey is done.

After an entire semester, or quarter, full of work, it is good to put down the pens and pencils and let the mind wander a bit.

After all, the next semester or quarter will start after the first of the year.

But for now, it is important to pause and reflect.

Think about habits that did not suit the fall semester and how to fix them.

Think about what went well for the semester, and what is important to change.

Don’t dwell on it too much. That way lies madness. Or tears.

Just think about the semester that has just finished. And think about how to improve the next semester.

And when all the thoughts have been thought, put it away.

And take a break.

Time enough to pick up the pens and pencils for the spring semester.

After all, it will be here before too long.

Right now, relax, and enjoy the holidays that you celebrate. It doesn’t matter what grade was the result of the semester, just that it was a passing grade.

And breathe.

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