Cookie Thursday 12/15/22-Toffee Grahams

The make of the week is Toffee Grahams. This is similar to Christmas crack in that it is toffee poured over crackers. Only substitute the saltines for graham crackers. And top with pecans prior to pouring the toffee. And the chocolate chips are not necessary.

I hope they like them.

Months and months ago I put in an application for a podium presentation at AORN 2023. The middle or end of August, I believe. And I got monthly emails that the selection committee was still evaluating the proposals.

I am writing a presentation based on Cookie Thursday is a Thing and how such a program can have a positive effect on morale. And I wanted to present at AORN, in a half-hour presentation. Or write a book.

The tag line of the presentation/book/article will be, raising the morale of the department, one cookie at a time.

But no. My presentation abstract got denied.

I am not sure if it is too out there for the reviewers. Or deemed not OR specific enough.

That is okay; there are other conferences in the sea. Time to rework the proposal for OR Management Conference, or the North Carolina Nurses Association. Both of these conferences will be in the fall.

I also want to write a book about the history of Cookie Thursday is a Thing and how it came to be, and why the little engine that could is important. And how small things, such as a homemade cookie, can brighten the dourest of ORs.

But that is for another day.

I will crack the presentation abstract at some point. I just need to right spin on things.

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