School Me Saturday 12/3/22-Extra scholarship money goes where now?

I was today years old when I found out that any extra scholarship money, above costs, is refunded to you as cash. At the end of the semester.

My mind is blown.

All my life I have wondered about why people are so excited when they get scholarship money over and above their free ride scholarship. Because they get the money as a pay out at the end of the semester.

I checked in with a student billing officer at a university. And she says this is legit.

Well, hell.

I’ve just been satisfied with my scholarship money, the little I’ve received, and my tuition reimbursement from the hospital. I thought that any scholarship money that was unused just went back to the company that runs the scholarship. I find this very sad that I am just learning about it. I’m on my FIFTH nursing school program, and my sixth college.

Holy cow!

However, this does explain the $995 check I got in September. I thought that was a sinking fund for books. Apparently in my new reality as a Nursing Faculty Loan Forgiveness Program student (they will pay 85% of the tuition cost for school after I teach at the college level after graduation for 4 years), I get $1000/year for books.

The money is on the fridge because I was afraid that they would ask for it back. Tomorrow, I will put it into a high yield savings account.

Of course, the true test will be if I get the $2,000 scholarship that is to be paid out at the end of the semester from AORN. Which would also go into the high yield savings account.

Because I will be holding this money to pay back the NFLFP in case I am unable to fulfill the terms of the contract.

Off to apply for more scholarships. Including the high dollar one from the hospital ($5,000-10,000).

And to finish the statistics final and the 20 page concept application paper for Philosophy.

Because it is finals week!

But if you are looking to go back to school, or have a kid in school, don’t be like me and be ignorant of what the scholarship can do for you, above what school costs.

And there are videos (?) on YouTube that explain more.

I am still flabbergasted.

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