Cookie Thursday 12/1/22-I bought cookies

The December theme is holiday cookies.

But that is not the story of today.

I was going to make cranberry meringues and peppermint meringues. Two types. Not cranberry-peppermint meringue, I can’t even imagine the horror.

I was going to make them on Wednesday because I knew Thursday would be a rush because of the quarterly awards ceremony at the hospital. These are awards that the shared governance proctors and gives out. The Daisy Award for nurses. The Sunshine Award for auxiliary staff such as pharmacy, or environmental, or dietary. The Rose Award for CNAs.

But there was a banger of a storm on Wednesday. And I knew that the meringues would not dry in such an environment. And I didn’t bake them on Wednesday.

I made the cinnamon rolls for the awards ceremony instead. Patrick Barnes, whose death prompted his family to start an international nurse celebration award program, loved Cinnabon. And before he died, he would ask his family to bring some in for the nurses, especially after he became unable to eat. The tradition was born and added to the Daisy ceremony. Well, the local Cinnabon has been closed for months. When I was searching for another one close by, I learned that there were only 16 Cinnabon stores left in the entire state. I didn’t particularly relish driving to the nearest one, the one at the biggest mall in my area, during Christmas shopping season. This led me to make the cinnamon rolls for the ceremony.

Well, I used canned cinnamon rolls from the grocery store, jazzed them up a bit with additions, and made home made cream cheese icing to top them.

They were a hit.

And then we worked all night on Wednesday night.

All part of the gig. You know?

I got home at 0500 and went straight to bed, knowing that I had to be up at 0830 at the latest to buy the flowers that all nominees received, and drive to the hospital to emcee the awards ceremony. It is part of my duties as the chair of the hospital shared governance.

Next I drove over to a local grocery store and bought cookies. I took them to the staff lounge in the hospital and dropped them off.

There was no way I could get home and nap and make the meringues.

And I didn’t.

For the second time this year, Cookie Thursday is a Thing was store bought cookies. And that is okay.

Because sleep.

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