School Me Saturdays 9/10/22-For free or not for free

Everywhere you look someone is trying to sell continuing education classes. Or bundles of classes. Easy ways to get the continuing education that keeping current on your nursing license requires.

Every where!

I know that some of this is algorithm based. And if you expressed interest, or signed up, or even paused too long on an ad you will get inundated.

Most of these are looking to provide a service for a fee. Or provide the CEUs for a fee.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are many places that have free hours. They just might be a bit time intensive.

The hospital corporation that I work for has compiled a list of free CEU sites on the health library home page.

I’ve been collecting sites, not only for myself, but for others, including the medical library, for years. And frequently people ask for sites, often in a hurry because their renewal is in three weeks. Or less.

I have no problem paying for CEUs. Unique hours are often found here. These can be especially useful on a very short lead time.

The free sites are everywhere though. I keep a running list still that I give out.

The first place to start is the state Board of Nursing. Often, they will have CEUs on their site. There may some hoops to jump.

I would definitely suggest beginning there. At a quick glance, even the neighboring states have free CEs on the website.

In today’s digital world, CEUs can be found just about anywhere. For free, or not. It is up to each individual nurse’s preference.

Go ahead and learn.

But be careful.

Education can be addicting.

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