Cookie Thursday 9-8-22- Jalapeno Chocolate Chip

The theme for this month is baker’s choice. And this baker choses to make a fan favorite for the department.


Because what is Cookie Thursday is a Thing other than a morale builder for the department?

And this is the single most requested cookie from the department.

Today I used fresh jalapenos from my garden.

As always, no idea the Scoville scale on them.

This means the heat of the cookie may be uneven.

The cookie drawer was mobbed even before I left the breakroom.

I continued on my hospital based errands and took my clinical ladder to the person who uploads it to the committee that reviews them.

And while I was there, I had a bag of cookies. And I offered them the bag. I had kept this bag out just for this purpose. And they kept one.

Then I gave what was left of the bag to IMCU, or the step-down unit. And told them that

  1. these cookies had jalapenos and to warn everyone who took a cookie
  2. that the cookies came from the OR, well, more specifically me

I had started distributing small batches to departments as part of Cookie Thursday is a Thing earlier in the year. And then inflation reared its price busting head and I had to pause. Going forward I think I will add another department monthly, not weekly as planned.

Because homemade cookies make people’s day a bit better.

And that might as well be the subtitle for Cookie Thursday is a Thing, right after ‘It is Not Yet Friday, and We are Sad’.

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