Beyond clean CEUs

About a year ago I stumbled across a free CEU place that was sterile processing focused. I thought to myself that sterile processing does not get the focus it deserves. And I clicked on my first Beyond Clean seminar. And I learned so much. Water purity, and piping, and timing. Sterile processing is more than making the instruments sterile.

And that was only the beginning.

I soon learned that the seminars draw an international audience. And I have begun including it on my yearly free CEUs list I make for my hospital system every year.

CCI, which is the credentialing company for the CNOR or certified nurse operating room, allows the CEUs earned to count for the CNOR recertification. And I am due to renew in 2024. When I say that it means that I have to have all 135 CEUs completed and turned in by December 31, 2023.

Why? I don’t know.

But I earned 75 CEUs last year just from the two nursing conferences I went to. And I anticipate earning at least 50 for the AORN conference I just completed.

I am unsure if these CEUs are allowed in the AST recertification for scrub techs. This is still valuable information.

When asked about what I do in my new free time. I do CEUs and I learn things.

It never hurts to be too prepared. Or too educated. The technology and education is changing very quickly in the OR. It always been this way.

SPD is the gears that allow surgery to continue. They wash the instruments, inspect the instruments, sterilize the instruments, and put away the instruments.

Be nice to your SPD technician.

Goodness knows they get enough crap from the OR nurses and techs themselves.

And learn a bit about how they work. Not just the instruments, but the cleaning and sterilization that allows the OR to work.

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