Cookie Thursday 3/24/22- someone else is baking-Oatmeal Craisin

Comfort month continues.

But I am not in North Carolina to bake. I have been at AORN in New Orleans since last Friday. And then we drove home through the night to not spend another night in the hotel bed. No offense to the hotel bed but it is not our bed. It’s at times too hard and too soft. Weird, right?

We arrived home and I finally got to sleep at 0500. No cookie baking to be done by me today.

Luckily, knowing I was not going to be able to make the cookies today I called in a pinch hitter.

My mom. She is working as a travel nurse in my hospital and agreed to make cookies. Allowing me to relax and SLEEP before I go in tonight.

She and I spoke about the theme for the month being oatmeal cookies. I spoke about the probably inability to bake on the road, as we were originally prepared to return today. And also the planned cookie. I had planned to make oatmeal raisin, one of most requested cookies.

She offered to make the cookies. And, instead of raisins, she was going to add dried cranberries. This is a call back to my childhood. Well, young adult hood. Mom always puts craisins in the oatmeal cookies.

I hope there is some when I get in tonight.

Sometimes you need an assist.

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