Triple P- piss poor protoplasm

Omicron is way down

Beds taken up by covid patients in my hospital are way down.

They were at 42 at the peak.

With 7 intubated.

What makes this different from Delta is the amount of vaccinated people who were infected.

The hospital did have vaccinated people on vents.

A couple.

But they had co-morbidities that pre-disposed them to being ventilated.

Respiratory issues.


Triple P.

I know I have mentioned this before.

But Triple P stands for piss poor protoplasm.

It is a not very nice short hand to say that the patient is sick.

Has been sick.

Will continue to be sick.

Will never not be sick.

And they did not need another insult to their bodies.

Deaths continue to be high.

As expected the death rate is not falling yet.

Because if Covid has taught us anything, it is that deaths lag behind cases.

That being said the American death toll is nearly 925,000.

Where the death toll hit 900,000 only 11 days ago.

I do not want to celebrate prematurely.


But someday I hope that covid will behind us.

We just have to be smart as we wait it out.

The AORN conference has not been cancelled.

I don’t think it will be.

That will be fun.

And a chance to get away from home and hospital for awhile.

I have the ticket to the expo.

I have signed up with their preferred Clear app to prove my vaccination/boosted status.

At the behest of AORN.

When I noticed something odd.

After I created an account and uploaded my information about my shots, it told me that the information would expire on 3/16/22.

Two days before the conference.


I have also added my vaccine card to my phone’s wallet.

I figure of the two, one will work.

We have a hotel reservation.

We will be driving down.

The drive has been made before.

Fingers crossed that this conference gets to go forward.

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