Monday’s Musings- Talking nursing to a new generation

Sunday I was invited to speak to the junior volunteers at the hospital.

These are high school students who volunteer at the hospital doing volunteer type things.

There is a comfort cart that they visit patients who have not had many visitors.

They man the desk at the physicians plaza of offices.

They man the surgical services waiting room desk.

They generally make themselves useful and get exposure to the hospital.

These were 9th grade through to seniors.

And a couple of college students who were to speak after us.

I wish that this had been around when I was in high school.

Of course, I lived kind of far away for this to be feasible.

And I worked evenings at Marshalls starting when I was 16..

Back before Marshalls was owned by TJ Maxx.

That is how long ago it was.

I asked Mom to come with me.

We spent way too long speaking about nursing.

The ins and outs.

The different paths that a nurse can take.

The trials and tribulations of nursing.

The highs of nursing.

And why nursing is valuable.

Why education is important.

Mom spoke about being a new nurse in the mid 1970s.

And how different hospitals are today.

With the technology and the pace.

There were some interesting questions.

What kind of surgeon can be mean?

And how to deal with them.

What about deaths?

How can those be managed.

What has changed the most?

We answered them all.

And took up a lot of time.

But the kids were attentive.

I hope that they would have stopped us if we were taking up too much time.

But mom and I were engaging.

And spoke back and forth.

I spoke about the importance of education.

She echoed how far nursing has come in nearly 50 years.

No one asked about the grossest cases.

That was a worry off my brain.

I was sure that it would be a question.

The college students spoke next.

One who was a junior and one who was awaiting admission to medical school.

They did not have the vast amount of experience that we had.

Mom hit it on the head for them.

In front of them was nearly 75 years of nursing knowledge and experience.

My entire take away for the kids was that nursing can be anything they want it to be.

Mom’s take away for the kids was the more technology changed, the focus remained the patients.

I wonder if we should take this show on the road?

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