Covid case numbers are down…

Covid infections are down.

Not to pre-Omicron levels.

But they are down.

Deaths are not.

As has been seen in all the different variants thus far, deaths lag behind infections.

Which is logical.

Because a person has to get sick.

And sicker.

And seek the hospital.

And get vented.

And linger.

Or not.

They could die at home because they didn’t think they were sick enough for the hospital.

And people go to the hospital to die.

Not every patient, but enough.

But for a country who just hit 900,000 dead a week ago on February 4, the US is still averaging nearly 3000 deaths a day.

And the newest death toll number from yesterday is 915,000.

That is 15,000 dead.

In six days.

Yes, covid infections are down.

Although the US fully vaccinated rate is 64%.

And the partially vaccinated rate is 76%.

And there may be an under 5 vaccine announced soon.

States are racing to drop mask restrictions.

Except where there is a high transmission rate.

I know because I follow the news where the high transmission rate areas are.

But I don’t think the average person would.

But they are happy and eager to drop the mask wearing.

We will only have ourselves to blame if cases go back up.

Because we were greedy for this to be at an end.

Let us not celebrate prematurely and it bite us in the ass.


Dead is dead.

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