Cookie Thursday 2/10/22- Feta and spinach sconelets



Same cheese.

Same amazing taste.

Salty and creamy.

Surprisingly non melty.

And spinach because feta needs a foil.

Something to play against.

This is the second week of cheese Cookie Thursday is a Thing month.

I’ve baked these before.

And they were well received.

A sconelet is a small scone.

One of my tricks to stretch a batch to feed many.

But today, I made a second, gluten free batch.

Some I will send to my sister, who doesn’t eat gluten.

I will keep a half dozen mixed.

Because I said so.

And I will give the rest to the ED.

They’ve had a rough, rough, rough go of it.

Especially lately with Omicron.

And the usual falls with fracture.



Appendix patients.

And holding patients waiting for a bed.

I’ve already had 4.

Good thing they are small.

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