Cookie Thursday 1/27/22-red wine cookies

Booze month continues on Cookie Thursday is a Thing.

I was tempted to do a rose cookie but then I found a recipe for a red wine double chocolate cookie.

Of course I added to the recipe.

How could I not?

I was afraid that the flavor the red wine would not come through when I added the 1/2 cup the recipe called for.

Definitely not enough.

I decided to make a red wine syrup instead.

I added a bit of sugar to two cups of red wine and reduced it on the stove until it was reduced by 50%.

The cookie dough continued.

And then, in the middle of a meeting for the hospital, I mistakenly set the oven to 275 degrees, not 375.

And I wondered why the cookies were taking longer to bake.

And when they were done they were the consistency of fudge.

Am I a clumsy genius?

We’ll see if anyone notices the difference between the 2 cookies.

As always, Cookie Thursday is a Thing is about experimentation.

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