Preventative maintenance

I am very much a believer in healthcare.

I should be.

I’ve worked in healthcare in some capacity since I graduated high school, many moons ago.

I’ve been a registered nurse for nearly 21 years.

I believe in exercising and eating right.

I understand fully that this may be difficult for some people.

Or impossible.

I also believe in health maintenance through regular checkups and mammograms if you are old enough.

But there seems to be a disconnect with my health care provider around my yearly mammogram.

I missed the employee day in October of 2021.

Because of pandemic and case volume reasons.

And because I was in CA during employee day.

Since then, I’ve called and utilized their call me back function on the scheduling phone.

Three times.

I’ve gone on the website to schedule it myself through the health app that the corporation supports.

No dice, I am told to call and schedule.

I’ve gone through the corporation website.

Same result.

This is the same system that “lost” me for six months trying to get me to come re-do my scans.

I work for the company.

Trust me, they know where to find me.

But they had the wrong number.

They reached out to my primary care doctor who reached out to me via email.

This is the first I’d heard of it because of the wrong number they had.

All of these entities know that I work for the corporation, and they know my number and my email.

Personal, or corporate email, it does not matter.

Wall, meet head.


Now I am on hold with the scheduler system.

I listen to the same 10 bars of classical music and then a voice breaks in to remind me that I can get this scheduled.


Or in person.

Or wait for a call back.

No to all of the above, thank you.

I will stay on the phone until I speak to a real live person.

The same 10 bars starts again.

Remind me not to go postal on the poor person who answer the phone.

They don’t know about the frustrations I have been going through.

If I, a medical professional, have issues getting through to the scheduler I can’ imagine what others have to go through.


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