How I have started this call lark

It has been three weeks since I upended my life to start this call lark.

During the busiest month of the year.

Is it any wonder that I do not know what day is it?

I missed one of the meetings I am keeping.


Because I thought it was Monday.


It’s Tuesday.


It has also been the run-up to Christmas.

And Christmas itself.

And my baby sister’s birthday.

In a three day span.

I am feasted out.

I am peopled out.

I am surrounded by all the work I wanted to have begun in this new call lark.

Yeah, no.

I have seen the week between Christmas and New Year described as a liminal week.

This truly is a transitional time.

I am bound to get my feet underneath me.



New plan.

Break down the big projects into littler ones.

Wednesday, 12/29 I will start my application to one of the schools am considering for my PhD.

Wednesday, 12/29 I will work on my LinkedIn page for this blog.

I am so used to shoe horning projects in around my work schedule, never mind call shifts.

No wonder I think I am floundering a bit.

So much free time.

Time to get serious.

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