The operating room is always pushed to move faster.

Faster turn overs.

From patient to patient.

Faster in room to incision times.

Faster finish times to out of room times.

Faster instrument turn over times.

Bad luck, this one is mostly static.




Yes, OR time is money.

But so is patient safety.

And safety of patients is paramount.

And safety of staff is paramount.

Sometimes I hear of staff who are nudged to go faster when it is not in the patient’s interest to go faster.

Mistakes happen in faster.

The wrong implant is opened and charged to the patient because they did not follow the implant pass off procedure.

An entirely different surgery than planned happened because they did not follow the pause procedure.

That is where EVERYONE in the room stops and agrees that the patient, the procedure, the consent, the laterality, the antibiotic, and the availability of all needed instruments and supplies are correct.

These intentional pauses are there for a reason.

That is because yup, someone fucked up.

The wrong body part was operated on.

The wrong patient was operated on.

The wrong antibiotic was given.

The wrong procedure was performed.

The very needed this was not available and so there was a wait under anesthesia.

These all have one thing in common.


Faster isn’t necessarily better.

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