One year ago, first vaccination shot

One year ago.

December 22, 2020.

I received my first vaccination shot.

I remember working until 0700 the morning of.

My appointment was at 0925.

I decided to take a small nap before I had to drive to the city and get the vaccination shot at the big hospital downtown.

I very nearly overslept!

I was driving hellbent for leather on the way down.

Thank goodness traffic wasn’t yet recovered.

I stood in line for 23 minutes.

Got my shot from a friend of mine.

And went back home to go back to bed.

I was home and back in bed by 1100.

Because I had to be back on shift at 1430.

But I was so very grateful that the vaccines had been developed,

And I was able to get mine within two weeks of them being released.

I was even more grateful when the vaccines opened up to the regular population.

Slight sore arm.

No fever.

No chills.

Got up and went back to work.

Like the good soldier I am.

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