Monday musings 12/20/21

Maybe a new scheduled day theme?

I’m trying it out.

I appreciate alliteration.

Today’s musings as I stare at the email confirmation for the tickets to London we just bought.

Knowing that there is another variant out there.

We had to use the money by the end of December.

Or forfeit it to the airline?

I think?

Regardless they would not give us our $11,000 back.

We bought tickets for August.

I really hope we get to go.

I have many plans if we get to go.

Including a train ride to Wales.

But let me slow my horses.

There is a lot of pandemic muck to wade through before then.

But, fingers crossed.

Another musing is that my first salary paycheck will be here on Friday.

I’m agog in suspense.

I knew going into this lark that I was going to be making less money.

Due to the no call or call back hours.

And I had a lot of those.

I soothe those fears by reminding myself that all the call and call back hours would be decreasing anyway when the shift got hired into.

Am I lying to myself when I say I’ve got this?

We’ll see.

As my mother-in law says now I am not working extra for the tax man.

It would be nice not to owe 4 digit tax bill every year.

Another musing is do I re-take the GRE?

I truly did not give it my best shot.

And I am 3 points away from the minimum that one of the colleges asks for.

I have an email to them regarding the acceptance of a lower score than desired.

After all, I already have a graduate degree.

Applications open for a couple of the schools that I am looking at January 1st.

I have to get cranking on those.

Apparently I need an idea of what I want to focus my research on prior to getting in.

I have no idea.


Enough musings, I’m making myself anxious over here.

I may have to re-think this theme.

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