Nearly to 800,000 American dead

The Covid Death Toll is nearly to 800,000.

Shall we have a moment of silence?

Or should we the vaccinated rant and rave and throw things to get the point across?

There is only 1 way out of this pandemic.

I’ve taken my now 3 shots and society is still struggling against mostly self-sabotage of a few people who won’t take 1.

Or mask.

Or, for all we know, wash their hands.

We are nearly 3 weeks out from Thanksgiving and cases are rising.


Deaths are rising.

Availability of hospital beds is decreasing.

Nurses and other healthcare workers are still tired.

Still can’t catch a break.


Not a lot to say that I haven’t already said.

I’m so sorry that your self interest has impacted the world so much.

Better luck next pandemic to the survivors.

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