Thank Goodness it’s Friday- call style

It is Friday.

I’ve not had Friday as a normal day off in years.

Unless it was a PTO day.


I have had the stray Friday off, but always as a PTO or actual holiday.

As long as I’ve been an OR nurse I’ve worked Fridays.

Even when I worked 12s Fridays were always involved.

Looking back, it seems the last time I was not regularly scheduled on Fridays was my short stint as a Med-Surg nurse.

I’ve blocked much of that from my mind but it seems to me that as we worked an alternating weekend schedule I would have been off the Friday before my weekend.

That’s how I would do it as a scheduler.

In my new role as the call nurse I will be off Friday and Saturdays.

That’s different.

This is a journey of discovery for me.

The limited work days.

Not my style.

Especially when I see the OR struggle against the December onslaught.

And me unable to help.

This is my first Friday that I am off.

I need to get into a routine.

I think I will do something off my to do list.

Anyone have any dice?

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