Life, and cases, will go on

In three weeks I will be transitioning to a new job role.

That of the night call nurse.

Yes, I am terrified.

Yes, I will miss the OR as it is.

Yes, the cases will go on.

I am not disappearing.

I will be readily available.

All the data that I have in my noggin is only a text away.

I am doing this for a variety of reasons.

Going back to school.

Hopefully less work.

Do I consider myself as part of the “great resignation” that is going on in the greater job market right now?


I would consider that to be the case if I chucked it all to become a full time writer.

Many thoughts were created for this transition.

That is another way of saying I have thought long and hard about this.

Being salary means that I will no longer have the ability to earn overtime.

That’s okay.

Overtime will be decreased by the very existence of this shift, whether or not it is me in the role.

Call hours are going to be vastly decreased due to the existence of the call shift.

Being salary means I will no longer take extra call.

I am surprisingly okay with this.

Call is life.

Call is my favorite.

This new job means that I get to only do call.

The pace I was working at was going to become unsustainable.

Not because I couldn’t do it.

But because the corporation would have eventually jobbed out the extra things that I do.

And the big one.

I can no longer class myself as the evening charge nurse.

That is also okay.

I’ve done that a LONG time now.

Maybe it is time to let some oxygen into the department.

People who don’t think they can do call absolutely can.

Their call shifts will be widely spread apart.

I offered to cover while they hired and trained into my position.

They said no.

In three weeks, one of which I had off as I was supposed to be in London. Again. It is time.

Time to start a new adventure.

Since I am going to be the only nurse in the department again with this new gig can I consider myself the night charge nurse?

Asking for a friend who is me.

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