Cookie Thursday 11-11-21-spooky cookie redux

The thing about Cookie Thursday is a Thing that not everyone understands is that I take requests under advisement.

If someone asks for a specific cookie I will try to incorporate the cookie into the theme.

A friend asked me to make the spooky cookies, AKA the dark chocolate Reese’s Pieces again.

And I was going to include them into my Halloween Spectacular.

Yeah, the same one that I’ve had to cancel the last two years running.

And this year as well.

As I was visiting my father in the hospital 3000 miles away.

There were still cookies though.

I had a volunteer guest baker.

Someone said pretty please make them again.

The claim is that they were the best ever.

There was a lounge poll and everything.

I made them again this week.

It is a more appropriate week as it is after time “fell back” last week.

The entire batch was gone in less than an hour.

With different coworkers telling me they were the best ever.

There wasn’t a poll, although one told me he saved his cookie to eat on the way home.

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