Cases are down, is this a false sunrise?

Cases have been plummeting.

Off a cliff if you read some articles.

I have certainly noticed such a phenomenon in our hospital.

The ER patient volume has gone way down.

The number of respiratory isolation patients has dropped precipitously.

From a full page of at least 10.

To a handful.

To single digits

I remember how excited I was before the delta wave struck in June/July.

Apparently it was a false sunrise then.

But there are still troubling data points coming in.

In Eastern Europe and Europe cases are rising.

Russia is still posting huge numbers of deaths.

I would like to say the worst is behind us.

But I have been burned before.

I would like to see a true sunrise of the pandemic ending.

As a fantasy aficionado I am concerned.

Although the past 18 months have been grueling.

And hard.

And plod one foot in front of the other.

A sudden decrease in cases and deaths.

Like the one we are experiencing now.

Seems too easy.

Too easy, you shriek?


Too easy.

I hope it is true.

One thought on “Cases are down, is this a false sunrise?

  1. not vaccinated? insurances companies will not cover a thing .related to covidnow let’s see how maney Fill up line to get that vaccine. what a huge bill they’ll have when it could’ve been prevented


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