Post-it 11/7/21- nursing instructors in the OR

The post- it reads ‘nursing instructors in the OR.’

That’s it.

In its entirety.

Luckily, I remember why I wrote that note.

There was a senior nursing student who was being exposed to the OR as part of her curriculum.

This is a vastly different way from when I was first in nursing school.

When it came time for me to do my nurse shadowing in the last six weeks of nursing school I had to FIGHT to be allowed in the OR.

I had to have several meetings with my instructors, with my advisors, with the dean of the nursing school.

It was not a done thing to allow a student nurse to go to the area that she wanted as a graduate.

The reasons were many, and vast.

This was back when the OR was notoriously hard to break into.

We were supposed to be happy with our 1 clinical day in the OR.

To be happy with being stationed at the wall and told not to touch anything blue.

We didn’t get to participate at all.

I am very glad times have changed.

I did prevail in the end and got to spend my last 6 clinical weeks in the OR.

Shadowing a nurse.

It did not dent my desire/need to be an OR nurse.

All it did was make me tired as I continued to work my Thursday-Tuesday job as a certified nurses aid.

And more determined than ever to be an OR nurse.

In today’s lingo ‘I shook the haters off’.

Don’t worry.

I am still uncool.

But this student,

She got 6 weeks as well, mirroring her assigned nurse’s schedule.

But her instructor.

Her instructor came twice to check in on her.

He did not dress out.

He chose the absolutely busiest time of 1430-1530 to have conversations with her.

They had their conversation at the desk.

I would have found them a separate space.

Where they were not in the position to be mowed down.

But, as we know, and I’ve complained and been told, I’m not in charge until 1700.

This nursing instructor knew nothing about the OR.

As evidenced by his questioning of the nursing student and her job role.

He was surprised when told that the OR does not give medication to the patient, but to the field.

He was surprised when told that patient interaction was very limited as there was not a lot of time for a full assessment.

OR nurses do a focused assessment.

OR nurses do very limited patient education.

OR nurses do care planning but it is focused to the case, and keeping the patient safe during the case.

After the experience of this nursing student and her explanations of how the nursing instructor knew nothing about the OR but was still assigned to her, I am beginning to wonder if I should not reach out to the nursing programs around here and actually, you know, put my MSN to work.

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