Might I have a nap please?

Last night was rough.


I know, I sound like a broken record.

I went home at my normal time.

Puttered around.

Played a little computer.

Killed a few thousand undead.

Headed to bed at a not unreasonable hour.

I have meetings on Tuesday mornings, after all.

And at 0130 I get a call from an MD.

Who wants to put a case on at 0500.


Case for 0500.

Have to be at the hospital at 0400 to prep the room and prep the patient.

Called the surgeon at 0430 at their request as a wake up call.

Start the case.

Help the patient.

Finish case in time for the day shift to start.

Drive home.

I want a bagel but it is too late to get a bagel and make my meeting.

I was in my zoom meeting 2 minutes early.

Finish meeting.

Off to bed I go.

4.5 hours is an okay night of sleep, right?

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