Gravity, it blows

Yes, another self indulgent post.

This time is about gravity.

You know, the thing that keeps us all grounded.

Facebook reminded me that it has been 2 years since I fell in the OR, during induction on a peds case.

I tripped over the c-arm on the way to the phone to call x-ray.

The irony just avalanches some days.

My left knee and tibia bones finally stopped hurting about 6 months ago and I can kneel without pain.

The newly formed dimple in my left cheek is here to stay.

I have not gone back to employee health.

They have their hands full right now.

And told me the dimple was in my head anyway.

Sure, Jan.

It still pulls when I smile too broadly.

The horrible TMJ pain is gone.

Small victories, I know.

What I remember most of that day is:

  1. the anesthesiologist getting me an ice pack
  2. the surgeon getting me a bandaid
  3. the surprise on the team’s faces when I would not call anyone else in, um, this is a ten minute case, there is no one to call, and you’ll be done before they get here
  4. the black bruising to my collar bone the next day

The OR is a dangerous place.

Sometimes for the workers there.

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