676,059 American Covid dead.

According to the CDC the 1918 Pandemic claimed about 675,000.

Well, we’ve beaten that number!

The deadliest pandemic on record.

Yay us!

I do not have a lot of words about this.

Just that it did not have to be this way.

Yes, the US population was smaller then, so the percentages work in our favor.

No, no one knows exactly how many people died, as records were spotty.

But 1918 did not have our current technological advances.

Also I think it is a no to knowing exactly many current era people have died from covid.

With the lack of communication, the fear about being labeled a covid death.

Sheer obstinancy.

676,000+ people are still 676,000+ who do not get tomorrow.

With the newest estimates that 100,000 more can die by the beginning of 2022.



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