Doctor, maybe?

This is more nerve wracking than I thought.

I have narrowed down the field for PhD schools to two.

Sinclair College of Nursing- part of the Mizzou family, with a personal history, online only.

University of North Carolina Greensboro- local, online and in person classes.

I started the UNCG application today.

It has a LOT of moving parts.

And I have to prove that I live in this state, and have since 2005.

I already submitted that information.

I get it, there’s a big difference between in state and out of state tuition costs.

I am undecided but I have to think about it, make charts.

You know, be me about the process.

Let me tell you, so much as changed in the world since I first started baby steps about applying for college in the mid-1990s.

Not sure if the fact that everything is findable online in an instance is an improvement or not.

Regardless, I am making my inquiries, checking my facts, etc.

So Doctor, well, PhD.


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