I cannot stop looking at the death toll.

I look at it daily.

At night.

After I get home from work.

I knew that the death toll was nearly to 660,000 on Sunday.

As in 659,931.

But with the expected weekend lag with reporting I knew that the number would be reached on Monday the 13th.

And it was.

I looked back at other posts to see what had transpired.

The post I did about 650,000 was on September 8th.

5 days, 10,000 dead.

Of course.

However, I think the hospitalizations are lessening at my hospital.

And the hospital system.

You know, just in time for the Labor Day surge we all know is coming is here.

Please practice social distancing.

Please wear a mask.

Although the case volume is down our ICU and IMCU are still full of covid patients.

Be safe.

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