Well, that was different

My sister and I grabbed out KN95 masks and went to the theater.

That was different.

The last musical we saw was in 2019, when we saw Hamilton in San Francisco.

We had major plans for our theater group in 2020.

We were going to get season tickets.

And see 8-9 of the 12 shows on offer for the year.

And we all know how that went.

For my birthday I received tickets to Wicked.

They were for September when the shows would re-open in our town.

This was back in the halcyon days of early July.

When we might’ve, could’ve had a chance.

But no.

Delta came roaring into our lives.

And people were entrenched in their mask and covid denial.

And those of us who are fully vaccinated tsked and shook our heads.

And got mad.

Today was the day of the show.

My husband bowed out and offered his ticket to my sister.

She graciously accepted.

The date was on.

And then I worked the majority of last night.

All I could think when I clocked in at 0300, knowing full well that my mom and sister were coming over for brunch at 0930, was that my mom was going to be so mad at me.

I got home at 0800.

And collapsed into bed.

My sister came by and picked me up at 1200.

The theater is 15 minutes away.

We made plans to don our KN95 masks before we left the car, because we are responsible for ourselves.

There was a strict mask policy at the show.

No one asked to see my vaccination card, although I had brought it along because of course I did.

There were many announcements about leaving the masks on during the performances.

Because everyone.

And I mean everyone in the seats, including the ASL interpreters were masked.

And there were roving spot checks for people who had removed their masks.

All in all I felt safe-ish.

Delta is still raging in this town.

Across the Southeast, really.

But it was different to be in a theater, surrounded by people I hope were taking it safe.

My sister and I scooched down into the 2 empty seats in our row.

You know, to increase the distance between us and others.

It was different.

It was nerve-wracking.

It was scary.

I was sleep deprived.

But the show.

It was great!

Would I do this again?


Especially if I am guaranteed empty seats to distance myself with.

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