Vaccine mandate

There is a new mandate in town.

After my hospital system blinked and said that as long as employees have started the vaccine process by the middle of September they can keep their jobs, the president of the US came out and said that all companies with a minimum of 100 employees must vaccinate or test weekly.

I am relieved.

This is what should have happened months ago.

Instead of relying on people to do the right thing.

There was always going to be people who stamp their feet and say not in my body.

There is always going to be those people who nay-say the vaccine.


You have a choice.


Or weekly tests.

I think that weekly tests are going to be so onerous and expensive that people will get the vaccine so they don’t have to get weekly, monitored tests.

Because someone is going to watch you take the test.


There is an alarming story out of the South.

There is an upswing in fetal demise and miscarriages for those who have had Covid or are unvaccinated.

And reports of devastatingly early birth with these same mothers.

The point is no one knows how Covid impacts people.

But there is a vaccine that teaches the body to be on alert for the virus and defeat it before the host becomes ill.

Take the vaccine.

Where we are now is what people in the healthcare industry were so afraid of last spring and summer.

However, we have an effective vaccine and, if people had rolled up their sleeves, we should be in a vastly different space right now.

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