new surgeon, who dis?

Remember I wrote that welcome letter to the new doctors?

The one to be given to new surgeons when they start taking call here?

Yeah, the one with the OR numbers, hours of operation.

And the OR pager number for after hours?

The one that is titled “Welcome to call at (hospital)?

Yeah, that one.

I wrote it, proofed it, and gave it to my boss.

Who was supposed to take it to surgical committee.

And the doctors on the surgical committee was supposed to approve it.

And send it out to all the doctor’s offices.

Who was supposed to give it to all of their on call doctors.

Massive fail.

I am not sure where the chain broke.

But I will find out.

Three surgeons I talked to this week without the number.

1 had an emergent case.

1 was looking for scrubs.

1 was trying to schedule for tomorrow.

NONE of them had the pager number or any idea how call works at (hospital).

Do I re-double my efforts?

Or do I let the information slide through the cracks?

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